IRL Stuff

  • August 2017: MC, DIY Alternative Controllers Workshop at Celebration Square
  • August 2017: MC, Smash 4 Squads Tournament at Mississauga Comic Expo

What I Do

I Write and Edit:

blogs, stories, investigations, newsletters, grants, words, video and digital content.

I Make:

zines, gif art, social media graphics, tiny indie games, and infographics.

I Talk:

at events, festivals, and conferences. I've been a panelist at Fan Expo, Rendezvous With Madness, the University of Toronto, and Canzine.

I Organize:

workshops and give talks on mental health activism and diversity issues. These have happened at Ryerson University, the University of Toronto - Scarborough, and at small venues.

I Guide:

with the Hand Eye Society. For years, we've run game-making incubators for communities who don't typically have access to or associate with the game development community.

I Trade:

very small and quick services for items, at my leisure. Check out my ISOs.

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